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RR spring load is going to be an on going project for the race season of 2023. As we learn more about our cars we understand how each tire loads the car an the effect that it has on the car. The load on the RR at the moment of impact has very many things that need to happen all at the same time an place on the race track. 

  • Rear steer

  • Hike on left rear

  • Spring load on RR 

  • Car turned into corner 

  • Location on race track

On this operation we are going to work on RR spring load and the height of the spring during these times. So we are going  to need to collet a few measure measurements to determine height and load of the spring. 

In this adventure we recommend that you have an adjustable shock mount as shown above, this will allow us to move the mount point up and down.

Terms we need to know:

  • Mounting Point: The distance from bottom of mount and the center of the top of mount. (A dim)

  • Distance between mounting points: The distance between mounting points top and bottom, or center to center.

  • Shock Drop: The distance from center line of axle to the lower spring mount.

  • Axle to Ground: Center line of axle to ground with standard air pressure and tire size.

  • Free height of spring: The overall measurement of the spring top to bottom.

  • Compressed height of spring: The height of the spring when mount in the car and the car setting on the ground. How much weight is the spring holding up (

  • Spring rate: The rate of the spring per inch of travel.

  • Spring orientation: Is the spring mounted up or down when on a spring slider, this would be shaft up or down.

  • Spring Location: Where is the spring mounted, in front of axle or on top of axle.

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